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River Manifold - Windy Arbour Bridge

Tokens - 3

Extent of fishing
1000 metres double bank

Access: ***
This beat and access is shared by kind permission of DCAC.


How to get there: This beat is just south of Longnor where the B5053 crosses the Manifold at Windy Arbour Bridge.

Parking: As you approach from Longnor, park in the rough lay-by on the left just before the bridge please do not block the farm gate.

Token box: The token box is found next to the bridge down by the river bank.

Access to the river: Via the public footpath, over the step in the wall adjacent to the parking area.

Fishing: Fishing is on both banks downstream of Windy Arbour Bridge for approximately 1 km to the downstream limit marker. With many trees on the upstream section, clever wading and casting will be in order, but things do open up a bit heading down. We don't know a lot about this section of river, though some very big trout have been caught in recent years. Certainly there are some deep, dark pools under the trees

Rod Limit: This beat is limited to two anglers at a time. Please go to another beat if two anglers are already fishing on your arrival.

Restrictions: Brown trout fishing only.
Fly only, catch and release. Barbless hooks, size 10 maximum.
Only floating lines and a single fly are allowed on this beat.
Trout season runs from 18th March to 7th October
Peak Passport seasons may be shorter than the national seasons, allowing the angler to fish when the rivers are showing their full potential while allowing time for maintenance and improvement work.

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