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River Dove - Vicarage

Tokens - 2

Extent of fishing
1500 metres. South bank

Access: ***


How to get there: From Longnor take the B5053 North toward Buxton. At the top of the bank coming out of Longnor you will come to traffic lights with a left turn immediately before them. Take this left turn. This leads down into the village of Hollinsclough. You will come to a T-junction in the middle of the village, turn right. After approx 25 yards go through the first metal farm gate on your right and into Vicarage farm yard.

Parking: After driving into the farm yard turn your car to the left. On the right you will see a large pit full of large plastic wrapped silage bales. Park next to the edge of the pit, leaving ample room for farm machinery to pass in the yard behind you.

Token box: The box is attached to the side of the silage pit in front the parking area. You will pass it on your right just as you leave your car on the way to the river.

Access to the river: At the end of the yard behind the silage pit, go through the gate on the right-hand side. It is now a clear walk down to the river at the bottom of the field.

Fishing: Fishing is on the right hand, or nearside bank, and is on the four large bank-side fields visible from the farm yard. This is our highest upstream beat on the Dove, and is wild and woolly fly-fishing. The challenging conditions are not for those new to small stream style fishing, but the scene for catching truly wild and very beautiful fish cannot be bettered! Short rods and light line weights are the order of the day.

Rod Limit: This beat is limited to three anglers at a time. Please go to another beat if three anglers are already fishing on your arrival.

Restrictions: Fly only, Brown Trout only, catch and release.
Trout season runs from 18th March to 7th October
Peak Passport seasons may be shorter than the national seasons, allowing the angler to fish when the rivers are showing their full potential while allowing time for maintenance and improvement work.

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