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River Hamps - Redmorlee

Tokens - 4

Extent of fishing

1300+ metres, single and some double bank

Access: ****


How to get there: From Ashbourne take theA52 West toward Leek. This becomes the A523 at Calton Moor as the 52 turns to the south at the cross roads. Staying on the 523 will take you through Waterhouses, passing Parnham Tractors on your right as you leave the village. A few hundred yards further brings you to a layby on the right just after a cross-roads sign. Pull in here.

From Leek take the A523 going East toward Ashbourne, driving through Bottomhouse and Winkhill. The layby where you park is not long after Winkhill, immediately after a cross-roads.

Parking: Having parked in the layby, you turn towards Leek (west) and walk a few yards along the main road before turning left down the small lane wide enough only for one vehicle. It is not signed, but this is Dukes lane.

Token box: The box is attached to the bottom of these steps, just out of site from the road.

Access to the river: Walking down Dukes Lane brings you down to the river Hamps. The upper end of the beat is accessed via the field gate on the right hand side. The lower end is accessed by going down the little wooden steps that have been erected next to the field wall, you will see them on the left just before you come to the bridge.

Fishing: Fishing is mainly on the left-hand bank, apart from a short section of the beat which is double bank and is marked on the map. This is a lovely stretch of small river, not easy to fish in places, but not a difficult beat either by Passport standards. You will need your waders, but this is not a bad place to go if you are fairly new to river fishing and are looking to start improving your skills. As far as the fish go, we don€™t know what you can expect yet, so fire in those catch returns and we will get an idea of how the trout population is doing.
Peak Passport seasons may be shorter than the national seasons, allowing the angler to fish when the rivers are showing their full potential while allowing time for maintenance and improvement work.

Rod limit: This beat is limited to two anglers at a time (3 if fishing together with friends). Please go to another beat if anglers are already fishing on your arrival, there are plenty of other Passport beats nearby.

Restrictions: Fly only, catch and release. Barbless hooks, size 10 maximum.

Trout season runs from 18th March to 7th October. PLEASE DO NOT fish this beat and then move straight on to another stretch of river elsewhere. The river Hamps contains a great many signal crayfish, which carry the nasty plague that is so deadly to our own native crayfish. This plague is easily carried on fishing equipment. After fishing here, make sure that your equipment is thoroughly dry before it is used elsewhere. Felt-soled waders are not recommended as they usually remain damp for a long time after fishing.

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