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Please make careful note of the following...

Only voucher holders have permission to access the river bank.

Remember to carry your Environment Agency rod licence; these are available from any Post Office, from or by telephone (credit / debit card) 0870 166 2662.

You will be fishing amidst pastoral farming country, and so dogs will not be welcome at any of the beats.

All flies must be fished with barbless hooks, or with their barbs crushed.

All beats are CATCH AND RELEASE only. Return all fish quickly with the minimum of careful handling.

Do not stray away from the riverbanks, and stay within the beat limits. Anglers are welcome with the agreement of the landowners, please be courteous and friendly should you happen to meet them.

DO NOT leave litter, and consider taking away any that you find.

If you can, please retrieve broken casts and flies from vegetation. These pose a danger to wildlife and look unsightly.

Your catch returns are important to us as we chart the progress of the project, so please do fill them in and post them in the token box before you leave.

Many thanks.

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