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River Dove - Mill Lane

Tokens - 2

Extent of fishing
300 metres, single bank (left / east bank)

Access: ***


How to get there: Take the B5054 west out of Hartington. The beat is approx 1 mile from Hartington on the right hand side, just before the old mill and the road bridge that takes you over the River Dove.

Parking: Park next to the road in the gateway, which is set back to make extra space.

Token box: The box is mounted on a fence post next to the river, near the weir at the bottom end of the beat.

Access to the river: Access to the river: Go through the field gate from the parking area and a short walk to the left across the field takes you down to the river.

Fishing: Fishing is from the weir by the old mill, upstream to the old rusty gate and the Private Fishing sign on the Sycamore tree. Because of the weir downstream this beat is a long, slow and in places very deep stretch of river, particularly at the lower end. Wading is possible in places, and will be necessary to reach the island in the middle of the beat, but great care should be exercised and a wading staff will be a big help. Plenty of tree cover means that fishing from the bank must be done with care but is not too difficult, and in places a long handled or extendable landing net will be useful. The slow current and generally clear water means that fly presentation must be of a high standard, but if catching a specimen size wild fish is your aim then this is the beat to head for!

Rod Limit: This beat is limited to one angler at a time, unless fished by two friends who arrive and fish together. Please go to another beat if an angler is already fishing on your arrival.

Restrictions: Fly only, catch and release. Barbless hooks, size 10 maximum.
Trout season runs from 18th March to 7th October
Grayling season runs from 16th June to 14th March
Peak Passport seasons may be shorter than the national seasons, allowing the angler to fish when the rivers are showing their full potential while allowing time for maintenance and improvement work.

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