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River Manifold - Marsh House

Tokens - 4

Extent of fishing
600 metres double bank

Access: ***
This beat and access is shared by kind permission of DCAC.


How to get there: This beat is just upstream of Brund Mill on the Manifold. Following the B5053 south from Longnor, take the second left at fox country furniture, following a sign for Brund. Again take the second left after approximately mile, following a sign for Brund and Sheen. The Parking area is approximately 200m on the left hand side.

Parking: A gap in the hedge on the left with no gate brings you into a small paddock right on the banks of the River Manifold. You will see a sign saying Private Car Park for Derbyshire County Angling Club,park here.

Token box: Post your tokens in the DCAC car park.

Access to the river: From the car park walk back onto the road and turn right; walk along the road to the first farm gate on the right, go through this gate leaving it as you found it. The river is now on your right and you can find your way through the willows down to the bank.

Fishing: This beat is double bank fishing for its entire length of approx 600m. Having been little fished in recent years, we are not sure what the visiting angler is likely to find. However, this stretch is very typical of the Manifold up and down-stream, where we know good fishing is to be had. We have high hopes for this beat.

Rod Limit: This beat is limited to one angler at a time. Please go to another beat if another angler is already fishing on you arrival.

Restrictions: Fly only, catch and release. Barbless hooks, size 10 maximum.
Only floating lines and a single fly are allowed on this beat.
Trout season runs from 18th March to 7th October
Peak Passport seasons may be shorter than the national seasons, allowing the angler to fish when the rivers are showing their full potential while allowing time for maintenance and improvement work.

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