Peak Passport Passport
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How it works

The Peak Angling Passport is a scheme providing flexible access to a number of fishing beats through a payment system using tokens. There is a wide choice of fishing on offer from fast-flowing moorland streams with quick-rising fish to slower meandering beats where there is a chance of a specimen. Wild brown trout are the target species, although there are one or two good grayling in some of the beats.

Peak Angling Passport tokens cost £3.00 each and are available in books of five (£15.00 per book). The tokens are valid for any beat but can be used only once. The beats are rated according to their quality and amount of fishing available, and the number of tokens required to fish each beat varies; check the individual beat descriptions.

Tokens come in two parts; the first is posted in a marked token box before fishing, located near or adjacent to the designated parking place. The second part of the tokens is the catch return to be completed and posted in the same token box when you have finished fishing. Please make sure you complete a catch return (even if it is a nil return), this information is essential for monitoring the progress of our river improvement works.

The tokens are available from a number of vendors across the area. Check on the buying tokens page to find out where they are.

Each beat has its own page on this website. You will find all you need to know on these pages to go and fish each individual beat.

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