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River Manifold and Blake Brook - Frog Hall

Tokens - 6

Extent of fishing
Over 1750 metres double and single bank fishing

Access: ***
This beat and access is shared by kind permission of DCAC.


How to get there: From Longnor crossroads, take the road signed for Crowdicote, Sheen and Bakewell, past the market place and the Cheshire Cheese pub on your left. As you leave the village take the right hand fork in the road signed for Sheen. You will go up a windy bank and onto the ridge top. Take the first right hand turn signed for Ridge End. Going down the hill take the second farm entrance track just after a row of Scots pines on your right. A sign on the gate says Frog Hall Farm, and you will go over a cattle grid.

Parking: Parking is in Frog Hall Farm Yard. After entering the yard, park at the far end opposite the entrance, in the alcove made by the house and two small stone buildings.

Token box: As you drive into the farm yard, the box is attached to a small block building on your right in front of the house. You will pass it as you proceed to the bottom of the yard to park.

Access to the river: Opposite the house and next to a large shed a gate lets you out onto a field. Go through this and follow the track round to the right and the back of the house. You will come to another gate. Go through this and turn left towards another gate visible at the bottom of the field. After going through this, carrying on in a straight line will bring you to another gate, the other side of which is the river field, and you will see the river. Not as far as it sounds!

Fishing: This beat has everything from open countryside to wooded glides, sweeping bends and shallow brooks. There is a chance of some large trout in this section of the Manifold so don't fish to light. Catch reports indicate there are also grayling in this section of the river but these are of an unknown quantity (please keep us informed of any catches). Small stream tactics making use of the available cover being the way to go on the Blake Brook. This beat has been extended and includes the old Rewlach beat.

Rod Limit: This beat is limited to three rods at any one time.

Restrictions: Fly only, Brown Trout only, catch and release.
Only floating lines and a single fly are allowed on this beat.
Trout season runs from 18th March to 7th October
Peak Passport seasons may be shorter than the national seasons, allowing the angler to fish when the rivers are showing their full potential while allowing time for maintenance and improvement work.

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