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River Dove - Bank Top

Tokens - 9

Extent of fishing

1500+ metres, single and double bank

Access: ***


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How to get there: From the middle of Hartington, take the road heading north which goes past the duck pond, and Hartdale garage and petrol station on the left. Go past the outskirts of the village and over a cattle grid. Stay on this road until you come to a farm on the left hand side, this is Bank Top Farm.

Parking: Parking is in Bank Top Farm Yard. Park anywhere in the yard, but pick a spot in a corner that will not affect the movement of machinery around and in and out of the yard.

Token box: Opposite the house and next to the road, an old stone barn commands the yard. A flight of stone stairs, visible from the yard, leads up to a loft in the top of this barn. The token box is mounted on these steps.

Access to the river: It is a fair walk from parking in the farm yard down to the river, and it is uphill coming back. From the farm yard go out onto the road and turn left. Walking approx 100 yards past the farm buildings will bring you to a field gate on the left. Going through the gate brings you out at the top of a bank, the river is visible at the bottom before you another hundred or so yards away. Don't miss the small gate in the fence line by the bridge on the right hand bank, this will save you a lot of walking between the upper and lower halves of the beat.

Fishing: Fishing is on the near side (or left-hand) bank only in the upper section. It is on both banks through the centre of the beat. The downstream end of the beat is far side (or right-hand) bank only. Signs will help to guide you regarding which banks you have access to. This is our longest beat with a good head of wild fish. Tight in spots, small tackle will be a must if you are to fish this beat thoroughly and stand a chance of connecting with some of the large fish that are known to occupy this stretch of river. A beautiful setting makes this a wonderful spot to while away a few hours with rod and line.

Rod limit: This beat is limited to two anglers at a time. Next to the token box you will find two old pots and three wooden spoons. One pot reads "Gone Fishing" . When you post your tokens, please take a wooden spoon from the plain pot and place it in the "Gone Fishing" pot. This will let other anglers that arrive hoping to fish the beat how many rods are already taken. When both spoons are in the "Gone Fishing" pot then the beat is full. But never mind, there are plenty more nearby!

Restrictions: Fly only, catch and release. Barbless hooks, size 10 maximum.
Trout season runs from 18th March to 7th October
Grayling season runs from 16th June to 14th March
Peak Passport Seasons may be shorter than the national seasons, allowing the angler to fish when the rivers are showing their full potential and allowing time for maintenance and improvement work.

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